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You may not give much thought to your commercial roof, but it’s always there for you. A roof provides so much more than just overhead protection. Its role in your life and the life of your business is much bigger than you might realize—and it could be even bigger.


1. It keeps you safe and dry. This is, of course, the most obvious and most important reason to love your roof. In rain, snow, sleet, and whatever else might fall from the sky, a high quality roof protects you and everything else in your building from the damage that the elements can cause. It keeps your investment—people, equipment, merchandise, supplies—out of harm’s way. Whether you have an office, a condominium, a hospital, or a warehouse, a good roof (and the proper maintenance of that roof) is always a good idea.


2. You can grow plants on it. A green roof can support the growth of a vegetative layer. You don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy the benefits of a green roof. Rooftop vegetation provides a building with shade and uses the process of evapotranspiration to remove heat from the air, lowering the surface temperature of the roof.  The vegetative layer also provides additional insulation and reduces stormwater runoff. Some restaurants cultivate rooftop gardens to provide the fresh herbs used in their dishes, while other facilities incorporate park-like environments complete with trees. Green roofs are often a welcome addition in urban settings.


3. It helps regulate the internal temperature of your building. A roof’s insulation keeps heat inside in winter and cool air inside in summer. A reflective roof surface goes a step further in reflecting the sun’s rays to reduce the roof’s heat absorption. This keeps the building interior cooler, especially in summer, reducing energy consumption. Since 2008, contractors in the City of Chicago have been required to use reflective roofing products on new construction and on new roofing projects on existing buildings.  


4. It can help lower your electric bill. In some regions of the U.S., rooftops are prime locations for solar panels, which save and create energy. If a building owner wants to become independent of the energy grid, solar panels can do the trick.  


5. You can kick back on relax on it. Some buildings use their rooftops as outdoor patio spaces where residents can soak up the sun, gather with friends, or find a moment of solitude. Some condominium rooftops even have swimming pools. Can your roof provide additional living space? Call a professional roofing contractor to find out.  


Day in and day out, no matter the season or the weather, your roof has you covered. If your roof isn’t in the condition it should be, call a professional roofing contractor to see how you can get it back into shape. If it is, take good care of it with regular inspections and preventative maintenance and it will continue to take care of you.



Copyright © 2017 Ridgeworth Roofing Company, Inc. All rights reserved.

March 2017

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"Its role in your life and the life of your business is much bigger than you might realize"

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