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Weather can be brutal, no matter the age of your roof. Even the newest roof can sustain damage from high winds and storms. Two area schools recently required roof repair or replacement following a high-wind event, and Ridgeworth Roofing was there to help.


High winds in early 2016 caused delamination from the underlayment of the roof of School District 220’s Reavis High School. Mike Hock of Reavis High School and SPM Architects contacted Ridgeworth Roofing to inspect the damage to the roof, which was installed by a competitor.  


The high school’s roof was still under warranty with the manufacturer, Carlisle, which prepared a project scope. Following that scope, the Ridgeworth team removed the roof mat and all loose insulation. They then installed new insulation and a new cover board, followed by a new roof over the affected roof area.


SD 83 Mannheim School District’s Roy School experienced similar damage. Winds in excess of 60 miles per hour had delaminated two sections of an older, fully adhered EPDM roof system from the underlayment. In some areas, the insulation had pulled away from the roof. Ron Carleton, Director of Building, Grounds, and Transportation for District 83, and SPM Architects inspected the roof and determined that it needed to be replaced. Until Ridgeworth could start work with the appropriate materials, roof areas were ballasted down with paving blocks.


Once Ridgeworth got started onsite, says Carleton, the Roy School roof replacement progressed well and is currently in progress. Ridgeworth’s experts have installed a new roofing membrane. They measured new metal copings, which are now in fabrication. Installation is expected in the coming days and the project will be completed to the same specification used on the Reavis High School Project.


“The Roy project went well, as have previous projects,” says Carleton, who has worked with Ridgeworth on several other projects. “We are informed on material status, scheduling of work, and metal trim.”


Ridgeworth Roofing values its continuing relationships with its customers and is proud to provide exceptional service and outstanding results, no matter what kind of damage the weather brings.



Copyright © 2017 Ridgeworth Roofing Company, Inc. All rights reserved.

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