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Project Snapshot:  Magid Glove And Safety

October 2016

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14 acres of roof is a massive challenge. This year, Ridgeworth Roofing embraced that challenge and took on its biggest project to date.  


Magid Glove and Safety, a longtime Ridgeworth client, purchased a building in the suburbs of Chicago to better suit their manufacturing and warehousing requirements. The new facility’s 620,000 square feet of roof required quite a bit of work and a rather large investment, so the company hired a roof consultant to manage the project. As Magid Glove and Safety had worked with Ridgeworth on various projects over the years, they requested that Ridgeworth be one of the contractors bidding on the project.  


Ridgeworth was the low bidder thanks to their efforts with manufacturer Johns Manville to create different opportunities and long-term solutions that reduced the cost of the project and lengthened the term of the NDL warranty.


“We had good experiences over the last 20 years with Rod and the company,” said Harvey Cohen, president of Magid Glove and Safety. “I was tickled pink that they were the low bidder on the project by a nice amount. It wasn’t even like they were close to everybody else. They were heads and tails better than everybody else. It made me really comfortable that somebody who we’ve dealt with for 20 years now had been awarded the contract.”


Harvey, who is also responsible for the building and its maintenance, worked with Ridgeworth to come up with a plan that would be minimally disruptive to his business and suitable for Ridgeworth. Ridgeworth and Magid worked collaboratively throughout the project to modify some large HVAC equipment, remove abandoned rooftop equipment, and complete the roof installation, all without interrupting the day-to-day business taking place beneath the roof.


“Rod and his people are as polite and as nice as anybody you want to work with,” said Harvey. “They have a great, great crew.”


Ridgeworth’s experts first removed just under 7.5 million pounds of ballast. They then repurposed and removed the old EPDM roof for recycling. After installing two layers of 1.8 thermal insulation and a quarter-inch cover board to increase the thermal efficiency of the new roof, they installed a Johns Manville 80 mil TPO roof system.


To say Harvey is pleased with the outcome would be an understatement.


“I’m just getting ready to write Rod a letter congratulating him on an excellent job and congratulating him on having a great crew of people that did excellent work,” Harvey said on the final day of work. “There were recommendations along the way as we ran into different issues, and we worked on solutions that made everybody happy. It was all good.”


And when asked if he would recommend Ridgeworth to others, Harvey didn’t hesitate.


“If anybody ever came to me now going forward and [asked about Ridgeworth], I’d tell them, ‘A-Number-1.’ I’d give [Ridgeworth] the keys to my house and tell them, ‘Take care of things.’”



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