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Project Snapshot:  Crossroads Shopping Center

May 2017

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BLearsi and Company owns shopping centers in Illinois and Wisconsin. The company took over the Crossroads Shopping Center, an old supermarket, a couple of years ago. When the company found a tenant for part of that building, they moved forward with a plan to fix the roof in that particular area, which was in bad shape.


Property manager Rich Markoff, a longtime Ridgeworth Roofing customer, called Ridgeworth in to take a look.


“We had a bid or two, but typically whenever I have issues, I always call Ridgeworth in. Ninety-nine percent of the time they do the business because usually they’re very competitive price-wise. But more importantly, they do excellent work and if any issue comes up at all, they stand behind their work. I call them and they take care of it right away,” says Markoff.


Once onsite, Ridgeworth’s experts identified a significant roof issue and determined the need for the reroofing of that section of the building. This would eliminate the possibility of future leaks in the space that the new tenant would occupy. Working with the building owner to stay within budget, Ridgeworth installed a new roof system over the course of five or six days.


The 35,000-square-foot TPO reroof was a relatively straightforward project, says Markoff.  Rain prevented consecutive work days, but, he says, Ridgeworth completed the job in a timely fashion.


“Everything worked out great, as has been my experience in probably the last 15 years that I’ve worked with Ridgeworth,” says Markoff. “When I deal with Ridgeworth, I just call Rod or Ryan directly--whoever is available. If there is any issue, they take care of it at once. My dealings with them have been positive because of their attention to detail and customer service. They’re willing to get right at an issue right away.”


Would Markoff recommend Ridgeworth to other property managers?


“No question,” he says.



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