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Project Snapshot:  Chicago High Rise

October 2017

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The sky was certainly the limit on one of Ridgeworth Roofing’s most recent projects—a commercial high rise building in the middle of the Chicago Loop.


Ridgeworth had handled preventative maintenance and repairs on the main roof of the building, but the roof was past life expectancy and was experiencing periodic leaking, so it seemed like the right time for a new roof system. Ridgeworth was among a group of contractors asked to submit a bid. Building ownership requested a roof system with a long-term warranty that would meet the building’s needs.


In preparing the bid, Rod Petrick contacted Jerry Sandine of Polyglass USA, with whom Ridgeworth has worked successfully in the past. They worked together on a specification that would meet the requirements of both the building owners and the roof manufacturers.

“Having worked with Polyglass and Jerry Sandine in the past, this made this process one of the easiest parts of this project,” says Rod.


“Mr. Petrick and his team are top-notch first-class,” says Jerry.  


Ridgeworth was not the low bidder on the project, but the company was awarded the contract anyway because they had included in their bid everything the building owners had requested.

Prior to starting the project, the Ridgeworth team participated in a training session with the Polyglass Technical staff to review how to apply fluid-applied flashings along with the installation of the bright white Polyglass modified sheet.


The 36-story high rise offered an interesting safety challenge, and the safety of the crew, the building, and the general public were of paramount importance to both Ridgeworth and the building owners. The roof perimeter was more than 500 feet in elevation with a standard low-profile edge detail. To protect the crew on the roof and the public on the city sidewalks below the work area, Rod had Ridgeworth’s subcontractor, Switch Rail Safety Systems, install a full guardrail system with a debris screen.  


Getting equipment and materials to the roof of the high rise also presented a challenge. Ridgeworth explored the possibility of using a helicopter to load the project, but the local city official in charge of permits wouldn't allow it, as it would require the closure of part of Michigan Avenue during a summer weekend. Instead, the Ridgeworth team moved more than 400 rolls of modified, 12 units of insulation, and all required equipment and materials first by elevator and then by walking up the final two floors to the roof access point.


“Everything being in place, this project went off without a hitch and the owners now have a new long-term warrantied roof system in place,” says Rod.


“Working with Ridgeworth was easy as they had coordinated the project from start to finish,” says Paul Mendoza, chief engineer for Cushman & Wakefield of Illinois, Inc. Paul was pleased with “the workmanship, install time, and product used” on the project and says he would recommend Ridgeworth to others.


Ridgeworth’s experts, Paul says, “are very knowledgeable in their field and recommended the proper product to fit the property's needs.”




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