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Project Snapshot: Older Industrial  Warehouse

April 2015

A leaky roof is never good, but it’s especially problematic when it results in damage to the product within a warehouse. That was the case in a 1950s factory-building-turned-warehouse whose damaged roof was affecting a company’s bottom line.  


“We would use tarps to protect the product, but that required a lot of labor to put on and take off as material was removed from storage,” says Jim Bruley, the company’s plant engineering manager. “Some of the leaks were in remote areas and were not repaired as quickly as they should have been. The result was rotten, collapsing, dangerous decking.”


Bruley’s company has used quite a few roofers over the past several decades, but Ridgeworth has become their preferred company because of its long-standing reputation in the region, its ability to work well with a frequently used general contractor, and its capacity to handle the types of roofing work the company’s buildings require. Bruley called Ridgeworth to tackle the aforementioned leaky roof on the steel-column, timber-joist building with a 2x6 tongue-and-groove lumber roof deck.


“[Ridgeworth has] the expertise to work with the types of roof decks we have at our buildings,” says Bruley. “They actually stock a large supply of 2x6 tongue-and-groove lumber because it can be hard to get on a rush basis. Their pricing is competitive, and they have the equipment and crews to work on large projects.”

After a thorough evaluation, Ridgeworth determined that the worst sections of the roof would require complete roof and roof deck replacement. In keeping with the original construction of this particular older building, the Ridgeworth team used 2x6 D&M lumber for the roof deck. This presented a scheduling challenge, as D&M lumber in the quantities and sizing required was not readily available. Ridgeworth worked around mill schedules to have the lumber milled to its specifications.


The roof decks complete, Ridgeworth then installed a new granulated modified roof system over new insulation. In the absence of all original hardware, none of which could be matched, the Ridgeworth team also refitted the roof drains. Ridgeworth kept the project within its targeted budget by re-roofing the sections of the building that were in acceptable structural condition.


“The final result was as I expected,” says Bruley. “The installation workmanship is top-notch. The detail work is very good. The surrounding area was cleaned up so that when they left you wouldn't know they had been here.”


“I would definitely recommend Ridgeworth Roofing to others and have on several occasions,” says Bruley.



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