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  • The Oscar Stanton DePriest House

    The Oscar Stanton DePriest House

    The renovation of the Oscar Stanton DePriest House in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago was not your typical project. The house, a National Historic Landmark, was the home of Oscar Stanton DePriest. DePriest was the first African American elected to Congress from outside the southern states and the first in the 20th century. He was… Continue reading The Oscar Stanton DePriest House

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  • Chicago High Rise

    Chicago High Rise

    Ridgeworth Roofing had handled preventative maintenance and repairs on the main roof of the 36-story high rise, but the roof was past life expectancy and was experiencing periodic leaking. Building ownership requested a roof system with a long-term warranty that would meet the building’s needs. Ridgeworth worked with Polyglass USA on a specification that would… Continue reading Chicago High Rise

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