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Chicagoland’s Premier Commercial Roofing Maintenance Company

Don’t let small problems become big ones. Yearly commercial roof maintenance can double the life of your roof and helps you avoid unexpected costs at inopportune times.

Ridgeworth Roofing’s trained experts work with you to provide a detailed plan designed to maximize the health of your commercial roof.

No commercial roofing job is too big for us, as our 40-plus years of experience has had us on top of warehouses, historic buildings, and high rises.

This year, avoid a costly commercial roof replacement with Ridgeworth Roofing’s maintenance services.

Our Commercial Roof Preventative Maintenance Program Includes:

  • Removal of roof surface debris
  • Check seams and make necessary repairs to all roof penetrations
  • Check and repair loose or deteriorated flashings and edge metal for
  • Clean and refill pitch pans
  • Clear all gutters, drain screens of debris
  • Check and repair all caulking and sealants on flashings and copings
  • Inspection of all caulk and sealants, remove and replace as necessary
  • Inspection of interior parapet masonry with notification of issues
  • Full report with pictures identifying any problems, along with proposals for repairs outside of the scope of this program

Expert Commercial Roof Maintenance

Every commercial roof maintenance project begins with an inspection and a plan.

One of our trained roofing specialists will check your roof for leaks, visible damage to the roof or its components, standing water on the roof surface, loose flashings, and anything that could result in future damage to the roof.

Ridgeworth Roofing’s goal is to prevent severe issues before they become a problem.

Regular maintenance and repairs keep your commercial roof healthy while saving money over time.

Save Money with Yearly Maintenance

An average semi-annual preventative maintenance approach costs 1-3% of the cost of a roof replacement and can extend the life of your existing roof. A total roof replacement can cost between $8.00 and $12.00 per square foot of roof.

Ridgeworth Roofing’s experts are pros at sealing fixtures, replacing shingles or tile, or adding/replacing flashing depending on your commercial roof.

The best part about a yearly commercial roof maintenance schedule is that extending the life of your roof saves you and your business money over time.

Don’t stress over minor roofing issues. A Ridgeworth Roofing Commercial Roofing Maintenance plan has you and your roof covered.

An Award-Winning Roofing Company You Can Trust

Don’t just hire any commercial roofing company; hire one you can trust. Since 1974, the Petrick family has been instrumental in the Chicagoland commercial roofing community.

Since our business opened, we’ve worked on hundreds of Chicagoland roofs while accumulating award after award.

We’ve also partnered with the Ronald McDonald House to provide charitable roofing services throughout the area because we believe a strong community is the foundation for a strong roof.

Comprehensive Commercial Roof Maintenance Services

Ridgeworth Roofing’s commercial roof maintenance services are designed to keep your roof in optimal condition and extend its lifespan. 

Our skilled roofing professionals are trained to clean gutters, repair damaged areas, reseal joints, and check and maintain rooftop equipment. 

With our comprehensive approach, you can trust us to address all commercial roof maintenance needs.

Recommended Frequency and Timing

We believe in proactive maintenance to maximize the health of your commercial roof. 

The recommended frequency of maintenance visits may vary based on factors such as roof type, location, and environmental conditions. 

Our experts assess your specific situation and guide the ideal maintenance schedule for your commercial roof. 

Ridgeworth Roofing also considers the best timing for maintenance, considering weather conditions and the least disruptive period for your business operations.

Detailed Reporting and Documentation

We understand the importance of documentation and transparency. After completing a maintenance visit, we provide a detailed report outlining the work performed, any identified issues, and the recommended solutions. 

This comprehensive documentation allows you to clearly understand the condition of your roof, the steps taken during maintenance, and any future maintenance requirements. 

We also maintain a maintenance history for your commercial roof, helping you track the progress and make informed decisions about its upkeep.

Need to schedule commercial roof maintenance? Call Ridgeworth at (708) 598-0039 today.

Building with Confidence

The finest craftsmanship demands the finest materials. That’s why Ridgeworth Roofing uses only the best materials available. We’ve built longstanding relationships with select manufacturers and suppliers to offer you the best roofing materials, warranty options, and value.

Up-to-Date Installation Methods

Commercial and industrial roofing technology changes, so we do, too. We keep current on advances in the industry of roof systems and the installation of new materials and techniques to provide you with the most up-to-date and effective roofing services available today. We are experts in low-slope built-up (BUR) asphalt, coal tar pitch, modified bitumen, single-ply membranes (EPDM, TPO, PVC, CPA), coatings, and reflective roofing.

The Most Value for Your Dollar

Just as we provide you with the best the commercial and industrial roofing industry has to offer, we’re committed to helping you get the most out of every dollar you invest. We work to get the job right the first time to help you avoid the frustration and cost of repairs later.