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  • Commercial Roof Leak Repair Guide
    No matter how small or large your commercial roof leak is, it’s important to take care of it sooner than later to avoid potentially expensive and dangerous consequences.
  • Why Are Commercial Roofs So Expensive?
    Predicting how much a high-quality commercial roof might cost is complicated, as many moving pieces can affect it. Some elements, like the price of materials, could change monthly depending on the supply chain and other economic factors.
  • Celebrating 50 Years of Commercial Roofing Excellence in the Chicagoland Area
    On February 1st, 1974, Robert Petrick opened Ridgeworth Roofing’s doors for the first time, providing Chicagoland with the highest quality roofing materials and services. We look forward to being an essential part of the Chicagoland community for another 50 years.
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