Meeting Customer Requirements for Commercial Roofing Job Access

Meeting Customer Requirements for Commercial Roofing Job Access


A successful commercial roofing project relies on more than just technical expertise, the right equipment, and high-quality materials. A contractor can know how to do everything to install or maintain a roof, but the customer plays a critical role in the project as well, and a wise contractor will recognize and embrace the contractor-customer dynamic. Flexibility and communication are necessary for exceptional results and customer satisfaction—and the long-term success of a commercial roofing business.

Be Flexible

Some projects are straightforward, with typical expectations and nothing outside a contractor’s standard practice. More sensitive projects, however, might include particular requirements from the customer, which could call for a bit more thought and planning on the part of the contractor. The building owner might demand full background checks on all workers or require lengthy safety trainings above and beyond what the roofing contractor might already provide. An owner could request a drug-testing program for all those working on the roof. A project might call for specified access points, enhanced safety procedures, or active monitoring by the customer or the customer’s employees. One customer might be fine with standard workday hours for a project; another might need the roofing team to work at night.

A big part of a successful job is the contractor’s willingness to do what has to be done, working with the customer to meet their needs so it’s done the right way from the start. In some cases a roofing contractor might already exceed customer requirements; in other cases the contractor and their team might need to adhere to additional protocols. Whatever the case, it’s important for the contractor to work closely with the customer to meet their needs. This is the heart of good customer service and essential to the success of the project.

Communicate Clearly

We cannot understate the importance of clear, regular communication here. No matter how simple or complicated a project might be, regular communication can make or break it. Before work even begins, a good contractor will have a straightforward conversation with the customer about expectations and requirements, and about what the contractor can and cannot provide.  It’s important for the contractor to clearly explain the project plan, the necessary equipment, and what to expect from the team throughout the process. The contractor must be available to answer questions and should be honest about the additional costs associated with work delays due to adherence to customer requirements. This up-front approach makes clear the contractor’s careful planning and consideration of the customer’s needs, and helps build trust between the contractor and the customer.

When a contractor sees a project as more than just a roof and can connect the project to human beings who have individual goals and needs, customers will share their positive experiences with others and will return with future business. If a contractor can manage it, the benefits of going above and beyond can go a long way past the completion of a single project.

The Very Best in Customer Service

At Ridgeworth Roofing, we take great pride in the longstanding relationships we’ve built with our customers and industry associates. People are why we do what we do—and also why we’re so good at it. Give us a call today. We’ll work with you to find the best solutions for your commercial roof.