American Legion Post 854

Project Details

Client:American Legion post 854
Location:Evergreen Park, IL
Year Completed:2019
Category:Public Facility

Project Overview

In addition to its bar, the American Legion Post 854 building is constantly in use for events such as weddings, banquets, parties, and bingo, to name just a few.

“There’s always something going on here,” says Gary Brockman of the American Legion.

But the building’s roof was leaking in several places, which meant that in addition to hosting large groups of people, the building was also hosting several buckets to collect the drips of water falling from above after heavy rain.

“I don’t even know how old the roof was,” says Gary. “It was repaired two or three times to my knowledge, but we still had a lot of leaks in the building. It wasn’t so good when we had banquets and bingo and that kind of stuff.”

Gary gathered bids for the project and invited Ridgeworth Roofing to inspect the roof and make recommendations for the best long-term solution for the roof’s issues.

During Ridgeworth’s initial inspection, its experts noted that the existing roof consisted of three built-up, gravel-surfaced roofs set on the roof deck. Complicating the project was the fact that the building’s rooftop mechanicals were set directly on the roof. These would need to be removed prior to the roof work and reinstalled after its completion.

Ridgeworth proposed a complete roof removal followed by the installation of a new Johns Manville TPO roof system over the required LTTR=30.0 insulation. Ridgeworth also stated in its proposal that they would require a meeting with the American Legion’s mechanical contractor to best navigate the complicated setup of the rooftop mechanicals on the existing roof.

After they were awarded the contract, Ridgeworth met with the mechanical contractor and the American Legion to develop a plan for the older mechanical units, some of which the American Legion decided to upgrade. The Ridgeworth team then worked with the mechanical contractor to utilize Ridgeworth’s crane to lower the old equipment to the ground and raise all new equipment as the project progressed.

American Legion Post 854 now has a new, high-quality roof as well as a new mechanical system—two new additions they’ll be able to count on for years to come.

“They did a fine job,” says Gary. “Everyone worked together, and it worked out pretty well.”