Standard Cartage

Project Details

Client:Standard Cartage
Location:Broadview, IL
Year Completed:2020

Project Overview

Ridgeworth Roofing has had the privilege of working with Standard Cartage for several years. After a 2016 inspection of the company’s large warehouse facility, which is located in the near-west suburbs of Chicago, the Ridgeworth team worked closely with the building owners on a variety of options for roof maintenance. Keeping costs in mind, the team also developed budgets for various roof areas to address several severe roof leaks and general maintenance over time until the company was ready to proceed with a larger-scale reroofing project.

The Standard Cartage facility is constantly busy, as the company provides machinery moving and rigging as well as warehousing. This continuous activity and limited work space for a major project presented a logistical challenge, so Ridgeworth’s Ryan Petrick and Tyler Stoub, operations manager for Standard Cartage, worked together to come up with a plan before getting started. This collaboration has been critical to the success of Ridgeworth’s continued work with the company.

The Ridgeworth team began the reroofing work with a power vac, sweep, and vacuum of the roof surface. They then installed thermal insulation set in a two-part adhesive and a new adhered TPO roof system. They completed the roof area with a new perimeter metal ES-1 rated sheet metal gravel stop.

The work at Standard Cartage will continue with the remaining roof areas.

“I am happy with the work Ridgeworth has done so far,” Tyler says.

All of us at Ridgeworth Roofing look forward to continuing our work with Tyler as we deliver top-notch results and exceptional customer service.