Prioritizing Health and Safety During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Prioritizing Health and Safety During the Coronavirus Pandemic


If you know the Ridgeworth Roofing team, you know that safety has always been our top priority. During these challenging times, when it’s up to all of us to work together to slow the spread of the coronavirus, our commitment to the health and safety of our employees and customers remains the same.

We continue to serve our customers and deliver top-notch service, all while taking appropriate precautions to keep everyone safe. Our office is currently locked down, with just three people—Rod, Ryan, and Linda—allowed access to limit potential virus transmission. We can all be reached easily via phone or email.

We have given all of our employees a clear directive: If they are not feeling well during the workday, they should go home immediately. If they are not feeling well before work, they should not come in. Those who are on the job are taking very seriously a number of important precautions. We are avoiding face-to-face interactions with customers and manufacturers. Members of our team no longer eat together, instead eating in their own cars, away from coworkers. Team members no longer share water from a common jug or cooler, instead bringing their own. Our employees have adjusted their approaches to projects to ensure safe distances between everyone, and all are practicing common sense. They are, of course, also taking the general advice of medical experts: coughing or sneezing into their elbows rather than their hands and washing their hands thoroughly as often as possible.

Our work continues. In some cases, we’re able to more easily complete projects on facilities that normally see a lot of foot traffic but are, for the time being, closed to the public. And we are, as always, here to respond to roofing issues as they arise. We’ll work within your business or building’s parameters to address roof leaks or other problems if and when they occur. In some cases, we can provide aerial views of facilities to allow customers to indicate the location of a possible leak and direct our work while avoiding face-to-face meetings.

We are here for you, even if these days we’re standing at a distance. We continue to monitor the situation as it evolves, bearing in mind that the most important thing is keeping everyone safe and healthy. No matter what the future holds, we will continue to run service crews to serve our customers in case of emergency. Please call us if you need us.

Take care of yourselves and your families.