Celebrating 50 Years of Commercial Roofing Excellence in the Chicagoland Area

Celebrating 50 Years of Commercial Roofing Excellence in the Chicagoland Area

On February 1st, 1974, Robert Petrick opened Ridgeworth Roofing’s doors for the first time, providing Chicagoland with the highest quality roofing materials and services. 

Alongside his wife, Barbara, they led our company for nearly 30 years, building a legacy of giving back to the community they cared so much about. 

Robert frequently volunteered with local roofing associations to provide charitable contributions to commercial roofing projects throughout the Chicagoland area, a belief woven throughout our history.

Robert’s son, Rod, started one year later on June 1st, 1975. Rod told his dad that he planned on helping for a year or two and then would return to school.

Little did he know he would graduate from the “School of Roofology,” as Rod so eloquently tells everyone on the team. That one year turned into two, then within a blink of an eye, 49 years, leading us to where we are today.

After 49 years with Ridgeworth Roofing, our 50th anniversary begins the next chapter of the company’s legacy with Ryan Petrick, Rod’s son, taking over as President and owner of Ridgeworth Roofing.

As Ryan builds his own legacy, expect us to continue our legacy of giving back to the community while looking at new and different commercial roofing opportunities.

Ridgeworth Roofing Gives Back

We never wanted to be just another commercial roofing company. Our ideals were passed down from Robert to Rod and now to Ryan, with the heart and soul of Ridgeworth Roofing being the dedication to the community.

For over 50 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building relationships within the Chicagoland community by repairing and installing commercial roofs throughout the area, including St. Rita of Cascia and the Shady Oaks Camp.

In the fall of 2018, Rod “challenged all Roofing Alliance and NRCA members to adopt the remaining 53 roofs of the 165 stand-alone Ronald McDonald House programs throughout the U.S.” 

By 2019, members of the NRCA across the country adopted all 165 roof projects.

In 2018, Ridgeworth Roofing partnered with Bennett & Brosseau Roofing in Romeoville to work on the Ronald McDonald House near Loyola University Medical Center in Hines to re-roof the four-story flat roof section and restore an old skylight.

Rod said, “We have been giving back to nonprofit organizations for years. Working at the Ronald McDonald House near Loyola was a perfect opportunity to put our best foot forward and do something that will, in turn, help other families for many years. They can utilize this facility and don’t have to worry about lodging.”

We’ve continued working on Chicagoland community projects, including Inner Voice and the Fire Museum of Greater Chicago.

There’s also the restorative nature of our business: Ridgeworth loves to work on old projects and restore some of Chicagoland’s legendary buildings to their former glory.

This includes spearheading a project alongside local Union 11 to replace the roof of the Fire Museum of Greater Chicago.

“One of the pillars of our business is that we’ve got to give back. And we’ve been fortunate enough to give back to the people in need,” Rod said.

It’s All About Family

Part of the community is taking care of the people you work with. Whether that’s clients or coworkers, Ridgeworth Roofing has spent the last 50 years curating a culture that treats everyone like family.

When talking about his coworkers, Rod says, “I hope my guys feel like it’s working with family.” To this day, if you walk by him, you’ll notice he still knows everyone by name, their kid’s names, and even their anniversaries. 

It’s all part of creating a welcoming, caring, and comfortable environment.

“I want everyone on our team to know that I want them to be safe; they’re part of my family, and I cherish them being with us,” said Rod.

If you’ve ever worked alongside Robert, Rod, Ryan, or any member of the Ridgeworth Roofing team, you probably know that Ridgeworth Roofing treats our customers a little differently than other Chicagoland commercial roofing companies.

“My business philosophy goes back to what my dad has instilled in me, and I hope instilled in my son: I want my customers to be considered my friend.”

We believe that we must be there for our clients no matter the time or day because they need our help.

We are more than just a commercial roofing company. 

If you’ve worked with us on a job site, at our shop, or as a client over the last 50 years, we want you to know that you’re part of our family, too.

50 Years of Industry Recognition

For 50 years, Ridgeworth Roofing has been recognized as one of the best commercial roofing companies in the United States by some of the most prestigious roofing organizations.

Our accolades include the Top Safety Award From Roofers Insurance Limited, the Annual Award for Business Excellence, the MRCA Impact Award, and the Gold Medal Award. Each award symbolizes excellence in our field and dedication to going above and beyond to help bring the Chicagoland community together.

On to the Next 50 Years of Ridgeworth Roofing

As Ridgeworth Roofing passes down to the next generation of the Petrick family, we expect to continue providing the Chicagoland area with high-quality commercial roofs and giving back to the community.

Ryan said, “I look forward to continuing the success that Ridgeworth has had and following in the footsteps of my grandfather and father as a respected leader for our company and roofing industry. Rod has given me all the tools for success; even with his retirement, he is still a valuable asset to myself and the company.”

As new opportunities arise and technology advances, we look forward to being an essential part of the Chicagoland community for another 50 years.