Technology Use in Commercial Roofing

Technology Use in Commercial Roofing


The most important piece of equipment in commercial roofing is its most old-fashioned: boots on the roof. The value of an experienced and detail-oriented roofing professional looking at every inch of your roof surface cannot be underestimated, and no amount of fancy technology can replace technical skill and expertise. Some technological advancements, however, do help enhance professional roofing services, and that makes them worth considering.

Google Earth:

A view from above can give a contractor a good sense of what to expect on a project with regard to the roof itself as well as the area around the building. A roofing contractor can easily obtain a Google Earth image of the property in question to prepare for and bring to the initial meeting with the building owner or property manager. A good Google Earth image can provide a sneak peek at the more obvious roof issues and allow the contractor to plan for any potential issues related to roof access, surrounding structures, and other factors that might impact the project.

Project-Tracking Software:

Keeping paperwork on each project is helpful and important, but it’s not always accessible to everyone who needs it if it’s in a file on a desk. Using cloud-based tracking software to manage projects allows everyone involved on a project to stay connected and see what the other individuals have done. All team members can use an app on a smartphone or tablet to jot down notes or take photos of what they’ve observed or done on a jobsite. The software creates a running record of the project that every team member has access to, wherever they may be. It can include before and after photos of repairs, documentation of work completed, and details on unforeseen conditions that might result in an additional charge for a customer.

Vehicle-Tracking Software:

When safety is a priority (and it always should be), vehicle-tracking software allows business owners to know where vehicles are located at all times, as well as how the vehicles are being driven. If an issue arises with speed or reckless driving in a company truck, the business owner can address it with the employee and monitor as needed. Other technologies can prevent drivers from using cellphones while driving, with the exception of calling 911.


We’re seeing drones more and more these days, and they can be useful in viewing and photographing a rooftop from above. If you do use a drone on a project, be aware of the regulations related to drone use, and avoid flying them in areas where you do not have authorization.


As with most things in life, technology can help make some tasks easier. In commercial roofing, it can certainly help us do our jobs. It can never take the place of a skilled roofer’s expertise, though. You just can’t beat boots on the roof.


The Best Boots on the Roof

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