The Elements of a Commercial Roofing Bid

The Elements of a Commercial Roofing Bid


A commercial roofing bid—the exact amount a contractor will charge to complete a project— is a whole lot more than a number. A good professional roofing contractor will put a great deal of thought into a bid, and that careful preparation can tell you a lot about the company and its work.

When a potential customer first calls and requests a bid, a representative of the roofing company will gather as much information as possible to determine the scope of the work. Further exploration by other team members often follows, including looking at the property in question on Google Earth to assess its location and take into account any potential hazards or challenges. They’ll visit the site to measure the roof and examine the building to determine the materials, equipment, and labor the job will require.  Members of the team will discuss and evaluate possible approaches to a particular problem. They’ll work with suppliers on the type of warranty the project will include. They will be as thorough as possible to calculate costs appropriately and ensure that the bid is an accurate reflection of the results their roofing company would deliver for that particular project.

A good commercial roofing contractor will make sure that the project is a good fit for the roofing team, its expertise, and how it goes about its work. If a project doesn’t seem appropriate for the company, or if the contractor senses that his company can’t meet the customer’s needs or deliver what the customer expects, the contractor should not submit a bid. Some projects are more challenging than others. A good contractor will only bid on a job with the knowledge the team can complete it successfully and that the end result will benefit both the company and the customer. Everyone should be happy in the end.

The word “bid” might make it seem like the competition for a project is a numbers-only game. This isn’t the case if you’re looking for the best results for your project. Bear in mind that just because a number is the lowest doesn’t mean it’s the best bid. A low bid could mean the contractor won’t be using high-quality materials or employing a stable, long-term team of roofers. All too often, subpar contractors will subcontract all or most of the labor on a roofing project. This practice carries great risk, as there’s no guarantee that the work will be completed by well-trained, qualified professionals. When it comes to your commercial roof, the notion of “you get what you pay for” often rings true. A careful customer will check the details of a bid—even the small ones—before making a decision.

The time and effort a roofing company puts into preparing a bid can offer a glimpse into the care and attention that company will put into the project itself. In order to get a project done right, preparation matters. A contractor who knows the business and who values customer service and satisfaction will  think everything through ahead of time.

PSA: We Like a Challenge

The experts at Ridgeworth Roofing often take on projects other contractors might not want to because they’re not as straightforward. Difficult projects are our speciality, and we like to rise to the challenge of thinking through and solving complex roofing problems. Whether your roofing project is by-the-book or more complicated, we will put our expertise to work to get it done. Give us a call today.