The Impact of Ice

The Impact of Ice


As we’ve said many times before, your roof can take a beating in the winter. Fluctuating temperatures, winter storms, and high winds can wreak havoc on a roof, no matter its age. Heavy snow can cause damage and can even lead to structural failure. Ice, however, is an enemy that can lurk quietly, sometimes undetected, until it causes major problems.

Ice is destructive.

Ice can split gutters and make them useless in the rain. It can freeze in drains and downspouts, preventing rain water from draining off the roof and sending it instead into the building and its rooftop mechanicals, causing extensive damage. Ice can cause a roof membrane to split, inviting moisture under the roof covering. When it forms in existing cracks in the roof, ice makes those cracks bigger. A small leak can turn very quickly into a larger one, causing more damage inside the building.

Ice is sneaky.

We often celebrate warmer temperatures in the midst of winter and breathe a sigh of relief when rain rather than snow falls from the sky. But if temperatures drop following a rainfall, that rain will turn to ice on the roof, causing problems you might not have expected.

Ice is persistent.

If it’s cold enough, ice will show up, and it will stick around as long as temperatures are right for it. If ice and snow build up on a rooftop and internal building heat melts them from the underside, water can back up underneath the roof covering and cause leaks. This is known as ice-damming, and as more ice develops and then melts, the problem persists—and so does the water.

Ice is dangerous.

No matter where it is, ice presents a fall hazard, but it’s especially dangerous on a roof. If you absolutely must inspect your roof following a winter storm, please proceed with extreme caution. Bear in mind that the presence of ice might prevent even a professional roofing contractor from safely inspecting or repairing a roof, so patience is important. Anyone—even those with extensive safety training—can slip and fall.

You can’t always prevent ice damage. But you can reduce its impact with proper roof maintenance throughout the year. Scheduling regular inspections and repairing problems as they arise is a great start. In the meantime, pay attention to your roof. If you notice ice build-up or indoor leaks, call a professional roofing contractor right away. If they can’t address the problem immediately, they’ll find a way to protect the inside of the building until they can. Before you know it, spring will arrive, and ice will be a thing of the past—until next winter, at least.


Have you noticed ice-related leaks? Do you want to prevent them in the first place? Whatever the condition of your roof, the experts at Ridgeworth Roofing are here to help you deal with the impact of ice before and after it arrives. Don’t let the condition of your roof slide. Be prepared.

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