The Latest in Commercial Roofing Materials

The Latest in Commercial Roofing Materials

A high-quality professional roofing contractor will use the best materials for the project at hand. As with most industries, materials for commercial roofing have evolved over time. Advancements in materials help roofing contractors provide the ideal roofing solution for each customer: a roof that’s appropriate for regional conditions and suitable for the customer’s needs.

Expert commercial roofers use a variety of roofing materials for a variety of roofing types: conventional built-up roofing, single-ply membrane roofing, green roofs. Other less-typical roofing types serve very particular needs, and the materials needed for them are just as specialized. Here are just a few examples:

Fluid-applied systems:

A two-part catalyst-type system, a fluid-applied roof requires the mixing of separate parts to create a liquid that can be applied to a prepared roof deck in coats: a base coat with a reinforcement fabric, followed by a top coat, to which color can be added. This is a great solution for the roof of a stadium press box, for example, which will often have a steel-plate roof with drilled holes and welding. The fluid application increases longevity and creates a watertight seal. Sand can be added to the top coat as well, which can help make the roof surface safer for individuals climbing on it. One example of a fluid-applied system is PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate.  PMMA is primarily used for waterproofing , roofing, and difficult flashing details.

Electronic leak detection:

When a roofing contractor installs a roofing system, an electronic leak detection system can be added to easily detect moisture and identify where a roof may be leaking, saving the trouble of searching for the location of a leak should one occur. The system consists of a fine metal screen device with electronic leads that can be installed as part of the roofing system. When the detection system is hooked up and powered on, it can signal a leak’s location to within a couple of inches. Rather than having to move the insulation and soil of a rooftop garden, for example, the system helps the experts know exactly where to clear the area and find and address the leak.


As the demand for solar roof panels continues to increase, so does the need for the required materials to ensure a roof can handle them. Older roofs might require a membrane upgrade and attention to details specific to installing solar, and new roofs need to provide the appropriate base for the weight of solar panels.

Specialized roofing materials can cost more than the more traditional materials, but they are often the best approach for a particular job. If your commercial roofing project has particular needs, be sure to find a roofing contractor with the right expertise.


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