The Value of Roof Inspection Services

The Value of Roof Inspection Services


Commercial roof inspections, you might think, are just another way for a commercial roofing contractor to come to your building and charge you more money.

If you think that, you’re missing some important details about the value of roof inspection services.

Your commercial roof is a massive investment. Roof inspections are essential to protecting that investment because they help determine the steps needed to maintain your roof’s ideal condition. This is particularly important after the kind of winter that the Chicagoland area has just experienced.

For the first time in many years,  winter brought to our area temperatures as cold as 20 to 25 degrees below zero, as well as rapid fluctuations with temperatures ranging from 20 below zero to 40 degrees and then back to subzero temperatures. These extreme conditions can have seriously negative impacts on a roof system, regardless of its age. Early spring is a great time to get out onto the roof and check for damage from expansion and contraction, or even just shock from the extreme cold.

During an inspection, a professional roofing contractor will speak to the building owner or the building owner’s representative about any issues they’ve observed: roof leaks, visible damage, or even building issues that may or may not be related to the roof. They’ll use that information as a starting point for a thorough examination of every detail of the roof.

A common joke in the roofing industry is that roofs don’t leak, details do. During an inspection, the contractor will walk the roof and ensure that all drains are clear and that all hardware is in place and intact and properly fastened. The contractor will also examine roof flashings and make sure roof-related architectural sheet metal, which can come loose in high winds, is in good condition. They will also take a close look at all mechanicals to ensure that their condition doesn’t impact the condition of the roof, and that mechanicals-related debris is not cluttering the roof surface or drains.

When the inspection is complete, the contractor will write a full report and provide a copy to the building owner. Another key point: Annual inspections—as well as maintenance programs—are a required part of many long-term manufacturer warranties. After an annual inspection, the report provided by the professional roofing contractor serves as evidence of an inspection. If you have a warranty (and even if you don’t), keep this letter on file as proof of your attention to the health of your commercial roof.

A high-quality commercial roofing contractor isn’t there to just take your money. That contractor is there to protect one of your most costly long-term investments: your commercial roof.


Down to Every Detail

Your commercial roof is an enormous investment. Protect it with regular inspections and maintenance. Ridgeworth Roofing’s experts provide careful inspections and thorough maintenance services that will ensure the best long-term care for your roof, getting you the most out of your investment. Give Ridgeworth Roofing a call today.