‘Tis the Season to Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter Weather

‘Tis the Season to Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter Weather


We spend quite a bit of time preparing for the holidays. We shop, we decorate, we cook, we visit loved ones, we pay attention to the little details of the season. Although it might not always be top of mind, one more not-so-little detail that should have your attention as winter officially begins is your commercial roof.

Snow and ice are inevitable in the Chicagoland area this time of year, and they can cause big problems for your roof. This checklist can help you give your roof the gift that keeps on giving: winter preparedness.

Make sure your roof is clear.

Check your roof for autumn debris: leaves, twigs, branches, trash, anything that may have blown on top of the roof. Clear your gutters and downspouts to ensure that melting snow and ice can leave the roof, as standing water can enter the building and refreeze, creating larger problems for your roof and your building as a whole. Be sure to only walk on your roof if conditions are safe. If not, contact a professional roofing contractor to clear your roof for you.

Be aware of the weather and what you might need to do after a storm.

Heavy snowfall or sleet can result in structural damage or even failure. Extreme temperature fluctuations can lead to freeze-thaw cycles that can cause significant roof damage. Also watch for a condition called ice damming, which occurs when internal building temperatures cause rooftop ice to melt from the underside and allow water to get under the roof covering and leak into the building. If you notice a leak or are concerned about the effects of a storm, call a professional roofing contractor to investigate the situation.

When in doubt, stay on the ground.

As we mentioned above, never go on your roof unless you’re certain there’s no risk of slipping and falling. Snow, ice, and non-professionals on a roof surface do not mix. A rooftop is no place to take chances.

Seek out the experts.

Call a professional if you notice roof damage or snow and ice buildup that you can’t remove yourself. Avoid using shovels or tools that will damage the roof or put you at risk. Be smart, be safe, and leave the tricky stuff to the experts.

Happy Holidays from all of us in the Ridgeworth Roofing family. We wish you and yours a safe and joyful holiday season and the very best in the New Year.