The Ultimate Commercial Roof Replacement Guide

The Ultimate Commercial Roof Replacement Guide

You woke up on time, grabbed a fresh cup of coffee, and the local rock station played your favorite jam. Nothing can ruin your morning. Well, except for the moment you walked into your business to find a tree punctured your roof. Instead of focusing on helping your clients, you have to figure out who to call for a commercial roof replacement.

Don’t worry. Ridgeworth Roofing has you covered. We make sure that we not only install your commercial roof correctly the first time, but we will also help you out with routine maintenance, repairs, and replacements along the way.

But sometimes, the warning signs from your roof aren’t as apparent as a tree trunk in the middle of your building. That’s why we put together this guide to help you figure out everything you need to know about commercial roof replacements.

What is Commercial Roofing?

Ridgeworth Roofing understands that not all roofs are built the same. While a traditional residential roof is often sloped, “commercial, industrial, and institutional roofs are typically flat roofs, which range from old-style built-up roofs to modified single-ply.” Commercial roofs are much larger and, because of that, can be more expensive.

Commercial roofs are what you’ll find on top of warehouses, shops, factories, and restaurants. 

We use different materials for commercial roofs than residential roofs, but both require routine maintenance for optimal, long-term performance.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Conducting regular maintenance on your commercial roof is an effective preventative measure to save money on future repairs. Maintaining your roof not only makes it less likely that you’ll need a repair, but if you do, chances are the repair won’t be as severe.

Knowing the warning signs of potential commercial roof damage can not only save you thousands of dollars but also help you make sure your business continues to run uninterrupted.

Commercial roof damage warning signs can range from odors, and visible water stains to something less obvious, like faulty flashing or pools of water. Our commercial roof maintenance checklist provides you with everything all of the information you need to stay on top of your roof’s health.

Faulty Flashing

Flashing are the metal strips that line the perimeter of your roof to prevent any water leaks. Poor installation, lack of regular maintenance, or just years of wear and tear can lead to flashing damage and costly repairs.

Even if you don’t see any leaks, it’s always a good idea to regularly check on your roof’s flashing.

Pools of Water

After a rainstorm, if you notice there are pools of water standing still, it might be time to call us for a roof inspection. Any water that doesn’t drain or evaporate within 48 hours is cause for concern as this means your drains aren’t working correctly.

Over time, the more water that pools, the faster your roof’s membrane deteriorates. This can lead to leaks or, even worse, structural damage and a collapsed roof.

Visible Water Leaks or Cracks

Water stains aren’t just eyesores but are one of the most obvious signs of needing a commercial roof replacement. Whether it’s a structural leak or from a deteriorating membrane, any visible signs of water damage are a cause for concern.

This includes any odd musty smells or mold growth inside your building, as these are also a health risk for your employees.

Roof Deck Damage

If at any point you notice bubbling or cracks on your roof, it’s time to call a professional. These are warning signs that you might have moisture trapped somewhere on your commercial roof.

Strong gusts of wind or other weather elements can cause roof deck damage as well. No matter the cause, regular maintenance prevents many of these issues from creating long-term damage and expensive repairs.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Commercial Roof?

Making the right decision to repair or replace your commercial roof can be the difference between thousands of dollars saved and an untimely, costly repair.

For example, repairs are the solution if you have a small crack or hole in the roof. Depending on the age of your roof, choosing to repair and maintain rather than replace allows you to avoid disruptions and increase the structure’s lifespan.

But if your commercial roof has significant damage, is beyond its life expectancy, or isn’t in compliance with building codes, then a complete replacement is going to be necessary. 

The benefits of a commercial roof replacement include improving the overall safety of your building, increased energy efficiency, and peace-of-mind knowing you won’t need to replace your roof for another 30 years.

If you’re unsure whether you need a quick repair or total replacement, call the commercial roofing experts at Ridgeworth Roofing for a complete inspection.

How Much Does a Commercial Roof Replacement Cost?

Our experts approach each roofing job individually. We understand various factors can impact the cost of a commercial roof replacement.

Before any piece of roofing material gets put on, the knowledgeable pros at Ridgeworth Roofing will look at all of these factors to make sure you get the most accurate estimate possible.

Square Footage

One of the more obvious factors to consider is the square footage of your commercial roof. 

Larger roofs require more materials and labor, possibly more heavy installation equipment, and can take longer to install. All of which add up when putting together an estimate.

Because larger commercial roofs require more material, shortages of these materials can significantly impact the cost of your new roof.

Consider asking about material availability before scheduling your replacement.

Ladder Access

Some roofs don’t allow ladder access and require the use of aerial steps or stair towers. Not only does bringing a boom crane to your building make things more complicated, but operating one is not for the inexperienced.

Safe and effective commercial roof installation requires plenty of knowledge and experience.

Aerial towers and stair towers are commonly needed for larger commercial roofs and exceptionally tall buildings with large roofs. Make sure to check if the roof can be accessed with a ladder if possible.


To have your commercial roof completed by a specific date, you should consider starting the process of having your roof replaced several months in advance.

If possible, always plan ahead for your roof replacement. With proper maintenance, a new commercial roof can last up to 30 years.

Budgeting for a roof can be intimidating. But, with the appropriate preparation, you’ll be able to get a great new roof for a great price.

Roof Type

Does your building have a green roof? Or would you say your roof is more traditional? Different types of commercial roofs require additional materials, skills, and techniques. For example, repairing a solar panel roof would involve a different strategy than fixing a roof with standard tiles.

It’s important to be aware of the type of commercial roof you have when planning your roof repair so your roof can stand stronger than before. At Ridgeworth, we’re experienced in repairing various roof styles and prepared to help in whatever repairs you need.


If a natural disaster has done significant damage to your roof, you’ll want to get a replacement as soon as possible.

The sooner your roof needs to be replaced, the more expensive it may cost.

Who to Call for a Commercial Roof Replacement?

Few things are more important than the roof over your head, which is why it’s essential you hire the best contractors for your commercial roof replacement. We also made a quick cheat-sheet for you with 10 questions to ask your roofing contractor.

Here are a couple of things to look for when searching for the right people for your project.

Licenses and Insurance

Before anyone steps foot on your roof, make sure that they are licensed and insured. You don’t want to be liable for any onsite accidents or damage that might occur.

At the same time, make sure that all of the company’s licenses are above board and still in date.


This is your roof, the only protection between you and the weather outside. You want to find the right professionals with the right expertise.

At Ridgeworth Roofing, we offer a variety of different roofing services to our customers. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your roof is in the best hands possible.

And to show off our own expertise, we have samples from some of our favorite projects, including a 36-story high rise, Orland Fire House #2, and the Crossroads Shopping Center.

You’re going to want to find a roofing company that’s knowledgeable and proud of its work.


That’s why reputation matters so much. For your commercial roof replacement, you’re going to want to find a roofing company that you can trust. Ask around town, read reviews, do your research. All of that should give you an idea of the company’s reputation.

Ridgeworth Roofing has had an award-winning reputation for more than 40 years. The relationships we build are as strong as the roofs we construct. There’s a reason why decades of honest workmanship have led to Ridgeworth Roofing’s reputation.

Customer Service

How a roofing company treats you is just as important as the quality of their workmanship. That’s why, when seeking out someone for your commercial roof replacement, you want to find a group of people who will treat you with respect and honesty.

This requires clear communication throughout the entire roofing process – from your first consultation until the last contractor steps off your brand new roof.

Ridgeworth Roofing believes that building long-lasting relationships alongside personalized service with our customers is essential to providing outstanding roofing results.


Unsure if your commercial roof needs repairs or a replacement? Contact one of our roofing experts and get all of your questions answered by the award-winning Ridgeworth Roofing team.